Today we’re happy to announce and release Ninja Theory’s first VR title: DEXED, an on-rails shooter for the HTC Vive. In DEXED, you travel through a dream shooting enemies with two blasters. One shooting fire to destroy ice. The other shooting ice to destroy fire. There are four worlds to travel through, a final boss to take on and, once you’ve honed your skills, leaderboards to climb.


While the announcement of the game and its immediate release might seem surprising, there’s a unique story behind the project to share. DEXED was created during an internal Game Jam here at Ninja Theory a few months back. There were 10 teams in total, each with a handful of people in them and just a month to create a game in Unreal Engine 4. At the end of the month, the whole studio played the games and DEXED impressed the most. The decision was taken to release the game. After giving the DEXED team, a group of eight developers, two additional months to polish the game, we’re proud to be releasing DEXED as its debut VR title.

You can check out a gameplay video above and a developer diary below before heading over to the game’s official page on Steam where you can purchase DEXED on the HTC Vive for £6.99/$9.99/€9.99.

Gameplay Video:

Developer Diary:

Ninja Theory launch Senua Studio to offer realtime Virtual Characters for Stage, Film, Broadcast, Games and VR

Ninja Theory launch Senua Studio to offer realtime Virtual Characters for Stage, Film, Broadcast, Games and VR

Senua Studio now open for business

Cambridge, UK – September 2nd 2016 –  Ninja Theory Ltd, the UK-based videogame developer has today launched Senua Studio, a new division offering specialised services to bring realtime virtual characters to life for stage, film, broadcast, games and VR.

Ninja Theory, along with partners at Epic Games, Cubic Motion and 3lateral stunned the industry at Game Developer’s Conference in March this year by revealing that a scene for their upcoming game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was actually being performed live on stage by an actress in front of attendees and rendered into the game world in real-time.

At Siggraph in July, the teams introduced the concept of Realtime Cinematography, whereby a complex scene was performed, captured, edited and rendered live on stage in minutes in front of over 2000 attendees from the VFX industry – a process that would normally take months. Having won the Siggraph Award for Best Real-Time Graphics and Interactivity, Ninja Theory have launched Senua Studio, a new division dedicated to offering solutions for live capturing and rendering of realistic digital characters in incredible virtual worlds.

Speaking of the announcement, Tameem Antoniades, co-founder of Ninja Theory said “We have demonstrated working solutions today, and want to push forward the future of realtime entertainment, be it live performances of digital characters for stage or broadcast, shooting fully-rendered CG scenes in realtime for previs, or interacting with believable characters in VR.”

Companies working with Senua Studio can rely on an entire technical pipeline – including the creation of realistic digital characters and virtual sets. The team makes innovative projects accessible to all, without the need for internal expertise in cutting edge animation technologies.

Nina Kristensen, co-founder of Ninja Theory and CEO added “With Senua Studio we are offering our considerable technological, artistic and production expertise to visionary partners excited about the impact realtime technology could have for their business”.

Senua Studio is open for business in the following areas:

  • Live Performance: Realtime technology and expertise allows actors, music artists and performers to live drive digital characters on stage or in broadcast and interact with a live audience.
  • Realtime Cinematography: Expertise in shooting, editing and rendering final or near-final quality cinematics for games, broadcast or film in realtime, rather than the weeks or months it takes with traditional methods.
  • Pre-Visualization: With realtime cinematography, directors can see unprecedented levels of pre-visualization quality including full facial performances of the actors, lighting, vfx and camera shots. An added benefit is that the assets are optimised for use in VR experiences.
  • VR Experiences: Combining expertise in realtime virtual human technology and 16 years of games creation to deliver truly immersive VR experiences offering full interactivity not possible with offline video.

More information can be found at and business enquiries are welcomed at




We have just won the Siggraph 2016 Award for Best Real-Time Graphics & Interactivity for a showcase deomonstration of a technique we’re calling Realtime Cinematography. Working with our partners at Epic Games, Cubic Motion & 3Lateral we shot, captured, edited and rendered a complex Hellblade scene in minutes rather than the weeks or months that it would take with current methods.

You can see how in our new video here: