How To Apply to Ninja Theory

The Games Industry is a highly competitive industry to get in to. Here at Ninja Theory we want to see:

  • Your CV;
  • A covering letter, explaining why you want to be our next Ninja;
  • Your Ninja Application Form; and
  • Your show reel or portfolio.

IMG_9055CV’s should be short and succinct – a maximum of two pages. We want to see your qualifications, any relevant experience and your love of games!

Your covering letter should be no more than about one page long. We want to hear about the exciting things you’ve done in more detail and the steps you’ve taken to develop your understanding of the Industry.

As a permit sponsor it is a legal obligation for us to collate information on all candidates; so please do submit your Ninja Form with your application. Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications without this.

We also advise that you submit an impressive showreel or portfolio with any application. Your showreel is an excellent opportunity to show off your best work. Make the first 30 seconds as exciting and attention grabbing as possible. We recommend that it should last no longer than about 2 minutes in total, whilst simultaneously showing a wide variety of work. Think powerful, diverse yet succinct.

Interested? To apply, please fill in our short application form [docx|pdf], as well as send us your CV and a covering letter telling us why you should be our next Ninja to